Giulia Astesani is an artist, lecturer, and PhD candidate at the Glasgow School of Art. She lives and works between London and Glasgow.

Through an expanded performative practice, her work engages with an active process of archiving queer lives while critically questioning contemporary representations of queerness. In her work, she prioritises feeling and emotions as valuable research tools, proposing strategies of unknowing, un-doing and unbecoming in opposition to oppressive normative narratives of progress, success and happiness.

Her current research takes as a starting point the deep gaps of lesbian history in Italian records, in conjunction with a long-term scholarly omission of critical research on LGBTQ+ perspectives in Italian academia to address a broader absence of lesbian historical evidence in queer archives and academic research. Her research proposes a collaborative art practice forming a ‘critical chorus' which uses lacks as potential to propel new stories from contemporary queer autobiographical stances.


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