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What are your biggest turn-ons?

I was at the archive yesterday, and I read about someone getting off by looking at a National Geographic's cover.

Death queers, old queens, sad butches, lonely hearts, diesel dykes, leather, cocks, straps.

As it was a boarding school, on games day we were able to go to the dormitories together. One day she drew me in through the door and ran her hands over my breast and kissed me passionately. Then she put her hands under my skirt and drew down my knickers. Her hand seemed to shoot to my sex, and she soon had me very damp. She then put me on the bed and proceeded to spank me, slow but not painfully. Ever since then I have always preferred a woman. (Sandra Bellamy, Liverpool)

We were sitting in the director’s office at the bank, he asked his assistant to bring the documents in, so my husband and I could sign them.


You nor I have any issues in being read as a different gender from the one we identify with, but he knew that you were my wife, he just couldn't (wouldn't?) say it.

I often think about the irony of the whole thing - his inability to let go of normative expectations and language resulted in the sudden fashioning of a much more gender-bending scenario than the one we were experiencing.

Queer unhappiness offers a rather deviant form of fertility   (Ahmed )