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There is a new girl in my work.
She's a lesbian
Fucking unicorn!
I'm weirdly happy about having another lesbian at my workplace

I keep visualising the same image.

I'm standing in front of a lush, beautiful landscape, I can see its edges, but one imposing building is obscuring my view.

And I suddenly realise that everyone else is looking at the same building.

Please, Vacate the here and now.  (Munoz)

It's my birthday, and I just ingested some ecstasy.

I'm high, my grip on reality is loosening, and rational thoughts are pushed back into a corner by feelings of amusement and inexplicable joy. While all of this is happening, for a fleeting moment I realise that one big building that was obstructing my view is no longer there.

When I wake up, the day after, slightly dizzy and tired, I wonder if that feeling can be experienced without being chemically induced.

Can we be happy even when we are sad?