Message n5

You are bad lesbians!!

It’s the 1st of December 2020, yesterday it was our wedding anniversary, it is three years that we are legally bound to each other which is strange since it’s almost a year that we have not lived together, and almost 7 years since we first met.

How do you tell a story that does not want to be told?

Everyone keeps sending me messages about loops, open loops and loops that needs ending.

I’m not sure what they mean.

Am I stuck in a loop? In light of this thought, yesterday I accessed the government website and started filing for divorce.

The application starts by asking: has your marriage broken down irretrievably (it can’t be saved?)

Tick yes to continue the application.

I find it quite odd the idea that relationships might break irreversibly like objects.

Last week I put three of my favourite jumpers in the washing machine and even though I used the supposedly right setting they all came out half the size and so became unwearable, as much as I tried, I could just no longer fit into them.

So, I am standing there looking at my shrunken jumpers thinking they have lots more in common with my marriage than what I could ever imagined.

Yes. Continue application.